Lord our God, who is rich in mercy and wisely governs our lives, conditions our prayer, accepts our repentance for our sins, stops a new contagious disease, a new epidemic, as you once stopped punishing the people in the time of King David. the physician of our souls and bodies, grant recovery to the sick, raising them cunningly from the scaffold of suffering so that they may glorify You, our Merciful Savior, and protect the healthy from any disease. Bless, Lord, strengthen and protect with your grace all those who By caring for the sick in their homes or hospitals, remove all diseases and sufferings among people and teach us to value life and health as your gifts. God give us peace, your peace and fill our hearts with firm faith in your protection, hope in your support. and with love for You and for your neighbor. For You are a God who loves and saves us, and to You we bring glory: to the Father and to the Holy Spirit, now and always and for the ages of ages: Amen!